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Talent Management in the New Economy

  • Eligible for Claim Period: 20 Oct 2016 - 19 Oct 2017
  • Training Duration: 1 day ( 8.00 hours )
  • Mode of Training: Full Time
  • Full Fee: $450.00
  • Managerial / Operational

Course Objective

All Successful organizations understand and embrace the concepts of Talent Management from selecting the right people to training to retention and succession planning. These highly reliable organizations have all enjoyed the benefits of operationalizing the use of competencies in creating sustainable growth

Talent management enables organizations maximize and optimize their people strategies while reducing risk and cost associated with it though proper identification and alignment of organizational and role competencies. With the changes in economy and social cultural developments, talent management is now even more crucial.

Course Content

  • How to link organizational values and vision to competencies
  • Creating job specific and role specific competencies
  • Use competencies in selection performance training development and succession
  • Talent retention
  • Create simple quantifiable benchmarks to evaluate candidates

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