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Advanced Sales Techniques

  • Eligible for Claim Period: 20 Oct 2016 - 19 Oct 2017
  • Training Duration: 1 day ( 8.00 hours )
  • Mode of Training: Full Time
  • Full Fee: $450.00
  • Managerial / Operational

Course Objective

Sales makes the world go around.

Everybody sells and everybody buys. From your children selling you why you should buy the toys for them to you selling them why you cant afford it. In companies its no different.

In today’s tough economic market, winning and keeping customers takes the best possible skill-set. Too often companies fail not because their products and services are not good. They fail because there is no revenue. Revenue comes from Sales. Getting enough sales to bring profits to companies must be the number one drive of all companies and all sales people.

All sales professionals should be that- Professionals. They should be able to sell and close the sales. Yet the same people that can make or break a company don’t know how to sell or close the sale.

How can one learn to be the best sales person ever?

Course Content

This is an interactive workshop that transforms your sales team into sales experts and then in turn transforms your company into a profit making organisation.

The workshop aims to change the existing beliefs and attitudes about sales and closing. Review the sales strategies, Add value to your organisation by having better and more capable sales personnel. They learn the heart of the sale and how to influence sales.

People should be aware of the advantage of opening the wallet once. From that understanding they can cross sell and upsell.

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