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Leadership Development - Effective Leadership

  • Eligible for Claim Period: 27 Dec 2016 - 26 Dec 2017
  • Training Duration: 1 day ( 8.00 hours )
  • Mode of Training: Full Time
  • Full Fee: $450.00
  • Managerial


This course is SkillsFuture accredited (for Singaporeans). To use your SkillsFuture credit, you will need to enroll in the program online then proceed to claim your reimbursement through

Course Objective

Leaders too need to learn how to be better leaders and more effective leaders. This course aims to teach the participants the finer details of leadership and how to grow their teams.

Course Content

  • Topic 1 Your Expectations and Team Expectations
  • Topic 2 Modeling the Correct Behaviours
  • Topic 3 Recognising Work and Effort, Rewarding Achievement
  • Topic 4 Challenges and Support
  • Topic 5 Communications Up and Down
  • Topic 6 Who and What is your Team
  • Topic 7 Coaching for Achievement
  • Topic 8 Culture of Accountability
  • Topic 9 Understand Your Team, Tap their Passions
  • Topic 10 Coaching for Excellence
  • Topic 11 Supporting The Team
  • Topic 12 Managing Shortfalls in Performance
  • Topic 13 Its Work not Personnal
  • Topic 14 Your Commitment
  • Topic 15 Closing the Loop

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