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Sales Basics: Selling To Gen X Gen Y and Millenials

  • Eligible for Claim Period: 20 Oct 2016 - 19 Oct 2017
  • Training Duration: 1 day ( 8.00 hours )
  • Mode of Training: Full Time
  • Full Fee: $450.00
  • Managerial / Operational


This course is SkillsFuture accredited (for Singaporeans). To use your SkillsFuture credit, you will need to enroll in the program online then proceed to claim your reimbursement through

Course Objective

  • Can you sell your products and services to the new generation?
  • Will they understand what your organisation is trying to do?
  • How do you convert the Gen X Gen Y and Millenials into customers?

Course Content

The workshop sets the tone for sales people selling to the new generations. How do you attract them, how do you influence them and how you get them to buy. If price isn’t the concern then what is?

  • Topic 1 Selling it’s a way of life
  • Topic 2 Sales People are crucial
  • Topic 3 Be a Professional Sales Person or Go Home
  • Topic 4 Sales Cycle
  • Topic 5 Excuses
  • Topic 6 Price is a Myth
  • Topic 7 Trust You
  • Topic 8 Like You
  • Topic 9 Trust Your Product
  • Topic 10 Like Your Product
  • Topic 11 Loyalty- It’s a People Business
  • Topic 12 Strategy

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